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Jorge Luis Soto

Tour guide

Date of birth: 13/9/1979

More than 18 years of working in tourism, native Bijagueño and nature lovers since childhood, more than 15 years of bird life in the area and throughout the country, birds are one of my passions. But I also love night walks. to observe reptiles and amphibians since these are also other of my favorites, but in general I love all nature, in my free time I like to go for a walk in the forest and try to better understand the magic of mother nature….

Jessy Lopez Herra

Tour guide

Date of birth: 28/12/1983

I am a general tourism guide throughout Costa Rica, I have been guiding many tourist areas throughout the country with a guide license endorsed by ICT, I started working since 2004 in the area I grew up when I went to develop my graduation practice Bijagua Heliconias lodge and I stayed there for more than 6 years, and so I fell in love with the nature of the tropical forests of CR, I developed myself as a bird guide because my friend and companion Jorge Luis Soto made birds my passion and up to date I am still crazy trying to see new species and checking the ones I can, I am the father of a girl to whom I give my life and a lot of effort because I have what she needs.

I have managed tour groups as well as couples who need a pure life guide, normally the people who do the tour come back for a second, because of the good time they have.

Best Tour Guides Costa Rica

Jorge & Jessy

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